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We are a Hong Kong based visual display solution provider specialized in visual display effects and equipment for pop concerts, corporate events and exhibitions in Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China region. With vast variety of profession grade visual display equipment, together with extensive experience for installation at various kinds of venue, we are able to customize our visual display solution to cope with customers' specific needs. We also participated in large scale pop concerts, world tours and music award ceremony which involved by top artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and China.

ITP limited is a whole owned subsidiary of ITP Holdings Limited, a listed company in Growth Enterprise Market in Hong Kong (Stock Code 8446).


Our wide variety of visual display equipment in ample quantity allows us to provide our visual display solutions that caters for the diverse needs of our customers more effectively. Our visual display units can be classified into three main categories, namely, LED panels, projectors and video control units which we store at our warehouses in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai. As at 30 November 2016, we owned 38,197 units of LED panels covering a total display surface area of around 7,523 sq.m., 25 projectors, and 94 video control units and the net book value of these main categories of visual display equipment amounted to approximately HK$66.4 million.