Investor Relations

In Technical Productions (“ITP” - Stock Code 8446) was incorporated in Hong Kong in March 2009 for the provision of visual display solutions with a focus on pop concerts. Our Group was founded by Mr. Yeung Ho Ting Dennis, our chairman, CEO and an executive Director, who has nearly 10 years’ experience in the visual display solution industry. Mr. Tam Chun Yu, an executive Director, has also been working together with Mr. Yeung since 2009.

Over the years, we have established our reputation as a reliable visual display solutions provider for pop concerts, and have gradually received continuous referrals and enquiries for our services for other corporate events, exhibitions, and sports and recreational events. Our team has grown from initially a company with 4 individuals to a group with a total of 82 full-time employees as at 22 May 2017, while the net book value of all our visual display equipment, including LED panels, projectors and video control units, reached approximately HK$66.4 million as at 30 November 2016.

Our scope of work encompasses a wide range of visual display solutions to our customers, including pre-execution consultation on visual effect design and technical feasibility, provision of visual display equipment, customisation of visual display solutions, on-site installation of equipment and general technical support during the performance, such as operating video control units, so as to ensure smooth display of the desired visual effects.


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